The clue is in the name, women's daysacks are the perfect everyday bag. Backpacks for women are ideally big enough to use as a weekend bag, yet small and light enough to use daily whilst running errands or as a work bag. With straps that distribute weight across both shoulders, a women's daysack makes it almost effortless to carry heavy items, providing a perfect travel bag or shopping bag substitute. A women's rucksack is very much a comfortable bag that can be a great practical alternative to a handbag. Gone are the days when women's daysacks were plain and dull. Now with designs in bright graphic prints and stylised shapes there is a wide range of backpacks to suit every woman's tastes and requirements. Versatile and practical, a women's daysack can soon become your dependable bag of choice.

Women's daysacks, ideal for every day.

There are sometimes those days when you need to have everything with you and a women's rucksack allows you to carry lots of items without straining your back. A great advantage of wearing a backpack is that your hands are completely free to hold or use whatever you need to. The functional nature of women's daysacks is also thanks to the waterproof fabrics used to make them. With durable fabrics, backpacks for women are also sturdy enough to use to take on days outdoors. Offering free shipping on all orders, stocks a great range of women's daysacks. All purchases can be returned without charge, within 100 days. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our delivery policies and the items we stock. Simply call the free Zalando hotline on 0203 059 8139.