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When three Norwegians founded the Onepiece label in 2007, it was the beginning of a global phenomenon known as the onesie. The Onepiece brand was inspired by a requirement for a cosy garment that could be worn for relaxing at home in pure comfort. After becoming an enormous hit in Norway, the Onepiece onesie continued to grow in popularity, with demand apreading across the continent. Now the brand offers an extensive variety of Onepiece women's clothing, which has been designed for comfort, practicality and style. Onepiece women's clothing is so unique in its designs that it has been copied by many other companies, yet the original Onepiece onesie is still the superior garment that cannot be equalled in terms of its quality and design.

Onepiece women's clothing - stylish garments designed for pure comfort

Onepiece women's clothing has achieved an iconic status across Europe, owing to its natural blend of style and functionality. The design concept behind Onepiece women's clothing is simple yet effective, incorporating a variety of functional elements, such as the hoody and frontal zip into one complete, comfortable garment. Replacing the standard loungewear combination of sweatpants and a hooded sweater, Onepiece women's clothing are relaxed and comforting garments, encompassing the body to promote warmth and a feeling of wellbeing. Onepiece women's clothing is also available in a wide choice of exciting colour schemes, so match them with your favourite pair of slippers or trainers for a casual weekend outfit. Search for the right Onepiece garment for you in the online store at Zalando.