Women's Clothing

Lotto is an Italian design brand that is focused on creating high performance clothing, shoes and accessories for sports and leisure. Lotto women's clothing is suitable for even the most elite of athletes and has famously been worn by several tennis stars in international competitions. Breathable and comfortable, the items in our collection of Lotto women's clothing are also ideal for helping you to give your all and fulfil your potential when you are just starting out in a sport. Our collection of Lotto women's clothing contains a wide variety of sports apparel for ladies, such as tennis dresses, shorts, gloves, and much more. Lotto women's clothing tends to be divided into specialist soccer, running, and tennis apparel, with a separate range of general leisure wear.

Discover your sporting potential with our Lotto women's clothing collection

One of the unique things about this Lotto women's clothing collection is the label's attention to new scientific developments. Fabrics are created that are designed to offer you maximum levels of comfort, support, and breathability, ensuring that all sports garments by Lotto enhance and aid your workouts. Innovations like Dry-Out Tech for garments which is designed to provide optimum ventilation, and the Eso-frame for gloves which protects a goalkeeper's finger joints in football games, make our collection of Lotto women's clothing very special. This brand works in conjunction with renowned sporting associations like Fifa and Apport to stay right on top of the game. Lotto also crafts high quality sports shoes for women, and these are the perfect complement to our Lotto women's clothing collection. Wear some Lotto soccer boots with laceless technology with some Lotto football shorts and you are ready to score that winning goal.