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AF1389 - Sweatshirt - farine/marine SLIM FIT TF8908 - Basic T-shirt - black Slim Fit PF7841-00 - Polo shirt - noir Jumper - marine Slim Fit PF7841-00 - Polo shirt - flamingo RINGEL - Polo shirt - ancre chine/farine SLIM FIT TF8908 - Basic T-shirt - white PF7845 - Polo shirt - dark green Jumper - navy blue Jumper dress - cognac/dark blue HF7419 - Trousers - methylene/farine Jumper - farine Jumper dress - grey Polo shirt - noir Polo shirt - cherry red SLIM FIT TF8908 - Basic T-shirt - aventurine chine SLIM FIT TF8908 - Basic T-shirt - aventurine chine SLIM FIT TF8908 - Basic T-shirt - beaujolais PF7845 - Polo shirt - bigarreau cherry SLIM FIT TF8908 - Basic T-shirt - bigarreau cherry PF7845 - Polo shirt - renaissance fonce Polo shirt - navy blue Polo shirt - anchor chine Jersey dress - noir Polo shirt - blanc RINGEL - Polo shirt - beaujolais /flour Summer dress - marine RINGEL - Print T-shirt - navy blue/flour RINGEL - Print T-shirt - beaujolais PF7845 - Polo shirt - black Jumper - navy blue/multicolor RINGEL - Polo shirt - marine/farine Summer dress - galaxite chine Jumper - beaujolais /flour Shirt - blanc/methylene Jumper - galaxite chine PF7845 - Polo shirt - flamingo PF7845 - Polo shirt - silver chine Summer dress - noir Cardigan - beaujolais Slim Fit PF7841-00 - Polo shirt - beaujolais 09e HF7825-00 - Trousers - dark blue CLASSIC FIT - Polo shirt - black CF7901 - Shirt - blue/yellow PF7845 - Polo shirt - white SLIM FIT HF7906 - Slim fit jeans - methylene SLIM FIT CF7907 - Shirt - blanc REGULAR FIT TF7613 - Print T-shirt - farine/ondee 08h-methylen Slim Fit PF7844 - Long sleeved top - marine PF7845 - Polo shirt - light blue Polo shirt - bordeaux, dark blue SLIM FIT CF7907 - Shirt - light blue Basic T-shirt - farine Polo shirt - methylene CLASSIC FIT - Polo shirt - bordeaux Slim fit CF7900 - Shirt - methylene/blanc Polo shirt - dark blue, camel Slim fit CF7900 - Shirt - bordeaux/ white TF3072 - Basic T-shirt - blanc Blazer - blau

Lacoste women's clothing epitomises the blend of sophistication and sporty good looks that are the hallmarks of the Lacoste brand. Since French tennis player, Rene Lacoste, founded the company in the 1920s, it has gone on to become one of the sought after lightweight sports brands in the world. Lacoste women's clothing shows its sporting heritage in the quality of the fabrics, the craftsmanship in construction and style of the cut. This range of Lacoste ladies wear is designed for high performance out on the tennis court and in the gym but it would not look out of place as stylish leisure wear as you relax after your match or workout. Knowing that you are properly dressed helps you concentrate on your game and the increased confidence can only help your performance so kit up in style with sporty womenswear from Lacoste.

Serve up some style with Lacoste women's clothing

Our range of Lacoste women's clothes has everything you need to help you perform on the court and stay stylish off it. Skirts are designed to help you move freely and quickly while training or competing. The tops also reflect the expertise and experience behind Lacoste women's clothing, allowing free movement of the arms to maximise performance. Tracksuit tops, meanwhile, allow you to warm down in fine style. Fabrics are breathable and built to withstand the rigours of top level sports. Throughout this collection of Lacoste women's clothing the long heritage of the brand is fully evident. Attractive and well made pieces combine performance and stylish designs in classic sporting colour schemes. Whether you are working them hard on the court or simply enjoying the classic sporty good looks just for leisure, your Lacoste women's clothing is the perfect fashion partner.

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