Quintessentially British Joules women's clothing designs are hard to resist. Proud of its British roots, the young brand creates a complete line of high quality women's clothing. Now known for its colourful collections of men's, children's and women's clothing, the company was originally established in 1999, initially producing equestrian wear perfect for the countryside. Joules has now transformed into a major fashion brand, known for their distinctive women's dresses that are vibrant and youthful. Joules women's clothing manages to be both classic and modern, with a great sense of stylish fun. Joules women's quilted jackets are particularly sought after thanks to their stunning tailoring and detailing. The playful colour choices, patterns and motifs that run through all of Joules’ garments creates particularly covetable items.

Joules women's clothing - charmingly irresistible

To experience the charisma and quality of women's clothing by Joules for yourself, take a look at our fantastic selection today. Joules’ printed t-shirts are available in an array of colours and prints, and look great simply paired with jeans. Joules smart quilted jackets bring a refined feel to any outfit, and are perfect to keep out the chill when running around the city. They are also very practical for any countryside excursions. Joules’ dresses are adorned with fun prints and only dyed with the most tasteful of colours, making them brilliant investment pieces.

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