Hoodlamb have been creating high quality organic hemp and cotton garments since the early nineties and this range of superb hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing exhibits all the expertise of a brand that is committed to sustainable fashion. Comfortable, durable and perennially stylish, hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing was originally created with surfers in mind and yet, as the brand has expanded, hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing is just as suitable in the city as it is the seaside. As one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics in the world, hemp is a great choice for anyone looking to combine sustainability with style - meaning that this selection of hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing is perfect for an ecologically conscious world, without compromising your image.

Hard wearing hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing

Whilst the brand has been long known for its signature winter coats, hemp Hoodlamb clothing has offered a greater range of garments for a number of years. All of the items in this hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing catalogue offer superior manufacturing combined with contemporary design and materials. During the winter hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing offer unparalleled wind and water resistance whilst during the summer the natural cottons and hemp keep you wonderfully cool and breezy. This range of hemp Hoodlamb women's clothing comes in a range of understated shades and colours that are perfectly suited to both beach and bar, surf or street and are equally as appropriate for sports or something a little more sedate. Stay stylish without damaging the environment with this wonderful selection of hemp and organic cotton clothing.

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