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ABRIG - Classic coat - borgona Winter coat - black BLAKELY BLOUSE - Tunic - denim black wash OSAMIM - Winter coat - black Print T-shirt - white ABRIG CECILIA - Down jacket - borgona ESSENTIAL RACER - Vest - black VEST SOFIA - Cocktail dress / Party dress - black DRIANA - Cardigan - navy Winter coat - gris vigore claro ESSENTIAL RACER - Vest - red PISA - Winter coat - navy RACER TANK - Sports shirt - metamorphosis multi ROSITA - Short coat - black CHAQ NATASHA - Parka - medium dark Tights - dark denim red ESSENTIAL RACER - Vest - petrol Tights - metamorphosis multi Tights - green galactic boom ESSENTIAL - Sweatshirt - light grey ABRIG CALIFORNIA - Short coat - black ESSENTIAL RAGLAN - Long sleeved top - red TRAINING - Sports bra - galactic boom TRAINING - Sports bra - metamorphosis multi ESSENTIAL - Hoodie - dark grey ESSENTIAL - Hoodie - red OVERSIZE - Print T-shirt - metamorphosis multi ESSENTIAL - Print T-shirt - petrol ABRIG MONETTI - Classic coat - carmin ESSENTIAL - Tracksuit bottoms - black TRAINING - Sports shorts - metamorphosis multi EUGENIA - Long sleeved top - gris oscuro PIPIN - Slim fit jeans - black denim CHIPI - Summer dress - verde botella CHIPI - Summer dress - black Jumper - 2000 CHANTALE - Jumper - marino ANNA - Cardigan - black SORPRESA - Jumper - black JYANA - Blouse - blanco FREYA - Jersey dress - grey SAN DIEGO - Print T-shirt - black CANACE - Long sleeved top - marino EDI - Long sleeved top - gris vigore oscuro BLAKE - Slim fit jeans - blue DONOVAN - Leggings - black CARINA - Jersey dress - navy BLUEVILLE - Leggings - black AGATHA - Jumper - gris vigore claro SAMI - Long sleeved top - marino Long sleeved top - navy VEST PICHI - Summer dress - black ADELINE - Cardigan - black PANT MANOLI - Trousers - oliva CARLIN - Jumper - marino MARIOTI - Leggings - black SECOND - Jersey dress - borgona HENRY - Pencil skirt - black BIRMA - Shirt - white Jersey dress - black

The flamboyant Catalonian fashion brand brings you this great range of Desigual women's clothing. Women's fashion by Desigual is full of bright splashes of colour which will really make you stand out from the crowd, and these bold and vivacious designs will bring out your zesty personality. The women's clothing range from Desigual is bursting with originality and these wild clothes are guaranteed to cause a stir. The range of Desigual women's clothing contains everything from coats to dresses and everything else in between, so you'll never be stuck for your next fashion fix when you browse through the selection. We have a veritable plethora of choice from Desigual’s women's clothing line, and we know that the range won't disappoint. Womenswear by Desigual is exactly what you need if you're looking for some truly individual, off the wall fashion.

Vivid and zesty women's clothing from Desigual

The Desigual’s women’s clothing line includes intricately printed and impact-ensured coats perfect for a rainy day, as well as elegant dresses ideal for any social occasion. Desigual’s clean cut jackets in simple leathers and fabrics pair perfectly with their exciting printed tops. Desigual’s phenomenally vast colour palette means it’s women’s clothing line is ideal in the summer months, when the Latin vibrancy behind the brand reflects the summer sun perfectly. Dive into this colourful brand today, and shop one of the widest selections around right here at Zalando.

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