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Long sleeved top - black beauty Waterproof trousers - black beauty OVERHEAD FUNNEL - Fleece jumper - black beauty GLITTER - Long sleeved top - ponderosa pine marl OVERHEAD FUNNEL - Fleece jumper - camellia BLOCK - Waterproof trousers - light purple GLITTER - Long sleeved top - winter grey marl FUNNEL - Fleece - black beauty LOGO - Long sleeved top - dark green RICH LOOK - Winter jacket - dark green CORE - Light jacket - cabernet SPORTIVE - Day dress - winter grey marl Sweatshirt - cabaret JUMPER TRIANGLE - Jumper - snow white BLOOMERS - Snowboard jacket - dark brown CORP PRINT - Hoodie - chateau rose CORE - Print T-shirt - black beauty Waistcoat - bright red LONG FUNNEL - Fleece - dark grey LONG STRAIGHT THROUGH - Short coat - cabernet Down coat - dark green Bikini - lobster SPORTIVE - Day dress - dark navy blue EASY COAT - Summer jacket - orchid petal Light jacket - black beauty Fleece - essentially navy Cardigan - black beauty EASY COAT - Summer jacket - silver filigree GLITTER - Sweatshirt - winter grey marl ALCANTARA - Faux leather jacket - dark grey HOODY CORP - Hoodie - winter grey marl BONDED - Light jacket - winter grey marl CORE - Short coat - black beauty WIRE - Bikini - weiß FUNNEL - Fleece - essentially navy BONDED SLIM - Waterproof jacket - essentially navy BONDED LONG - Short coat - winter grey marl Fleece - cabaret Winter jacket - cabernet Waistcoat - black beauty BIKER - Fleece - black beauty Winter jacket - dark grey BOLD SOLID PANT - Waterproof trousers - light purple COLOURBLOCK - Sweatshirt - snow white Snowboard jacket - camellia BOLD - Snowboard jacket - blue depths BONDED FUNNEL - Fleece - black beauty CORP PRINT - Hoodie - black beauty KNIT - Fleece - black beauty ASYMMETRIC WAISTED JACKET - Light jacket - dark green ASYMMETRIC WAISTED JACKET - Light jacket - black beauty Snowboard jacket - black BOLD - Snowboard jacket - camellia KNIT - Fleece - light purple KNIT - Fleece - tofu LOGO - Long sleeved top - black beauty Pencil skirt - black beauty Bikini - pink Jumper - cabernet WIRE - Bikini - pink

All girls want to have a varied and rich collection of beautiful casual wear to have the right outfits on hand for the diverse social situations that life throws at them. Finding the right clothing can be tough, but ladies wear with class and comfort is on offer from Bench women's clothing, making styling those outfits simple. Bench has produced a gorgeous array of stylish ladies clothing that will provide the perfect selection for glamorous girls who need to look good every day. Whether it is dazzling and warm coats or delicately draped jumpers, cosy and soft cardigans, casual t-shirts or reliable trousers, Bench women's clothing will come up with the required quality and beauty. Intended to make gorgeous but practical everyday wear, Bench have triumphed with this selection.

Everyday elegance from Bench women's clothing

With this astonishing collection, the guys behind Bench women's clothing, have come up with a consistent and diverse choice of women's garments that will be ideal for any situation. There are relaxed but beautiful t-shirts alongside snug and warm winter coats with added quilting and sharp designs, making them great for outdoor wear without sacrificing on looks. From zip up cardigans with handy hoods to dazzlingly inventive side zipped tracksuit tops and superbly smart jersey dresses, Bench women's clothing is always imaginative and original. There are charmingly bohemian cardigan tops as well as gorgeously classy winter coats that will provide total protection for chilly days without ever compromising on class. With a marvellous selection of exercise gear, and a wide variety of coats, t-shirts, cardigans and trousers, Bench women's clothing will offer a style solution for any classy and glamorous girl who needs great looks on a day to day basis.

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