Hope is a Swedish clothing brand that launched its women's line in 2002 followed by a men's line in 2005. The initial focus was to bring masculine cuts and styles to women's clothing, culminating in a practical, utilitarian look. Hope women's trousers and leggings have a masculine edge, but still connect to a female aesthetic. Various shades of grey and brown make up a large portion of the collection, which seems to rework the traditional men's trouser into a female version. There are also a few edgy prints thrown into the range which may appeal to younger or more extroverted buyers. Hope women's trousers and leggings have a visible strength to them that asserts femininity via contemporary and practical means.

Stand tall with Hope women's trousers and leggings

Hope is a fashion brand that gives back to the community as well as honouring ethical manufacturing, making it a brand you can feel proud to support. The range of trousers and leggings are extremely versatile. Wear them with sharp blazers to create a masculine energy that projects female strength and power. Alternatively, floaty blouses, long layers and drapery can balance trousers to create an elegant and graceful look. Soft whites look great with both grey and brown tones, while black tops can enhance the edgy energy of selected prints. Hope women's trousers and leggings can also be transformed with different types of shoes. A chunky, utility boot can add a military energy while heels and flats add femininity. With Hope women's trousers and leggings from Zalando.co.uk you have the freedom to design your own style while always feeling comfortable and carefree.

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