Polo Ralph Lauren
Women's Swimwear

Throw off your cares and slip into some Polo Ralph Lauren women's swimwear on your next seaside getaway. From a leading US brand that exudes an upbeat outlook on life, these sporty tops and bottoms are just the thing for having fun at the beach or the pool party.

Polo Ralph Lauren women's swimwear - easy, breezy beach style

Polo Ralph Lauren women's swimwear strikes a dynamic note with a sleek, polished finish and bold, 80s inspired colour blocks, supplemented with stripes and spots mixed and matched in various sizes. Elastane-blend fabrics deliver a secure, figure-hugging fit, and styles offer plenty of coverage while still keeping the fresh, youthful feeling that the Ralph Lauren Polo range is known for. All of which makes these bikinis just as good for throwing a beach ball or splashing around in the surf as for working on that golden tan.

Making a splash with Polo Ralph Lauren women's swimwear

To bring out the active, athletic side of Polo Ralph Lauren women's swimwear, pair a bikini with a peaked cap from our selection of women's hats and caps and use a crop top as a cover-up. Or opt for a wide-brimmed hat for a softer, more laid-back feeling, rounding out the look with wedges and a gauzy wrap. In terms of smaller accessories, you can play up the bikinis' bold design with plastic framed women's sunglasses in a complementary colour, or rock a tribal-themed bauble from our selection of women's necklaces for a tropical beachcomber vibe.

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