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Fit women's maxi skirts into your wardrobe today

Maxi skirts make a great workplace or casual option, and we have a range of pieces to help you bring your style to work. From simple shades of navy, black and brown to bright colours and floral patterns, you can easily showcase your style in the office.

Maxi skirts can range from formal and elegant to comfortable and casual, depending on the type of maxi skirt you buy and how you style them. A simple black or navy maxi is an excellent wardrobe staple that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe to dress outfits up for formal or professional events or dress down in flowier pieces for casual catch-ups.

Whichever prints, colours or styles you buy, maxi skirts will fit into your wardrobe right away. Pair them with a fitted tee for a casual summer look or a shirt or blouse for a super chic office outfit. Generally, flowier maxi skirts will go great with fitted tops, while you can combine more fitted options with fitted or loose tops. Many of our maxi -skirts are also high-waisted, so they’ll go great with your favourite crop top.

Women’s maxi skirts for every occasion

You can find women’s maxi skirts perfect for parties and formal events with sequined options, shimmering fabrics and layered tulle. These options are great if you don’t have more formal or party-style tops, as they can easily elevate a simple crop top or tank top on their own. Add your favourite jewellery and a pair of boots or heels, and you’ll be party-ready in no time.

They can also easily elevate an outfit for a casual gathering, providing coverage and ease of movement for events like picnics and family outings. On sunny days out and about, or even lounging on the beach, maxi skirts are a great option that gives you extra sun coverage so you can stay out in the sun longer and make the most of your day.

You can't understate the comfort and flexibility of maxi skirts, especially for a fashion item that can look stylish and formal while feeling so free. If you do a lot of walking or bending during your day, or you like to be able to stretch out when you need to, opt for a pleated, flowy maxi skirt that stays secure on your waist while leaving your legs free to move. These skirts are an excellent option for mums, teachers, or anyone who wants the freedom to move around and have fun with the kids.

Maintain your favourite long skirts

Generally, it's best to store your long skirts with clip hangers. If you choose a material prone to creasing, you may find you get some slip marks on the waist. You can avoid this by placing tissue paper between the clips and the skirt to protect the material.

How you should wash your maxi skirts will depend on the exact material you choose, so be sure to check the care label and follow the directions closely. If you've chosen a skirt with heavier material, consider drying it flat on a soft towel instead of hanging it on a clothesline.

When you find the perfect maxi skirt, you'll want to keep it in the best possible condition. With such a wide range of patterns, shades and silhouettes on Zalando, finding your perfect maxi skirt is easy.