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Women’s leather jackets for an evergreen style with heaps of attitude

Women’s leather jackets are here to stay. From traditional cuts of biker jackets to designer trench coats, boleros and everything in between, the leather jacket has not only stood the test of time with regards to style, but is a sturdy and hardy wardrobe essential that can last over a decade if treated well. Leather as a textile is the gift that keeps on giving as seasonal trends default time and time again to this trusty utility solution. Welcome any season with leather jackets as your statement item and elevate those casual daywear looks or set off more sophisticated outfits with this timelessly cool addition to your wardrobe.

Long gone are the days that leather jackets for women were produced only in the classic browns and blacks. Fashion houses have welcomed the modern woman’s willingness to play with trends for decades, and brought leather jackets along for the ride. Whether classic biker jackets with a studded embellishments, slim-fit soft-leather greys for sophisticated nights out, athletic-inspired, distressed or dyed with a myriad of colours choices, women’s leather jackets step up to the plate. Let leather jackets take your look from simple to simply stand-out with modern collections that continue to wow modern, trend-centric leather lovers.

Iconic leather jackets for women that keep on evolving through the decades

While men that range from rock stars and bikers to ‘50s movies, icons have been rocking their leather jackets for generations, the leather jacket for women took a little longer to emerge from the underground and hit high-fashion status. The ‘80s saw a huge surge in female leather jackets, mostly based on iconic female-based detective shows and teased-haired rock stars, but it was the ‘90s that really saw fashion runways and everyday fashionistas starting to feature leather jackets as a go-to capsule wardrobe item for women. Since then nothing has been able to stop the rise of this iconic garment. Whether stolen from a boyfriend, bought vintage, or perfectly curated by a high-end fashion house, most leather jackets have the power to reach inside the heart of every modern woman at some stage in their life.

Despite their wild reputation in the past, leather jackets bring a style and authenticity that has an air of heritage, class, and of course, premium taste. Much like your favourite pair of expensive leather boots, a leather jacket is perceived and trusted to be of a much higher standard than conventional fabrics, giving it an edge of exclusivity from the get-go. What makes leather jackets for women even more unique is that there is no age limit to a good quality, well-fitting leather coat, adding sophistication to layered winter outfits. With a myriad of designers backing leather jackets in this comprehensively vast collection, you can rest assured that no matter your age, size, or budget, there is a stunner of a leather jacket with your name on it.

Vegan-friendly leather alternatives in every possible look, feel, and style

Not keen on real leather? No problem! Pick from a vast selection of faux leathers and suedes and stay true to your vegan ways. With the high-quality structuring and tailoring applied to the construction of these faux and vegan leather jackets for women, quality is not compromised when opting for a product not made from real leather. Whether you choose a classic summer slip-on with jeans or a light dress, a puffy winter warmer or a long retro-inspired trench coat with high boots, leather coats amplify your look in an effortlessly chic way now and for many years to come.