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Roxy is the go-to brand for fun loving fans of fashion who love style and want it to reflect their individuality. Popular with young women around the world due to their laid-back philosophy and original designs, Roxy continue to produce classic, casual styles that match contemporary trends. Displaying a multitude of colours including soft pastels, subtle hues and vibrant neon's, Roxy women's hoodies come in range of soft, cotton fabrics that you can wear all year round. With flattering fits and diverse designs, Roxy women's hoodies are catered to fans of relaxed, urban style who don't take life too seriously - only their fashion. The range includes everything from zip-ups and jerseys to blazers and crop-tops so that you can achieve your own unique look with every option.

Roxy women's hoodies - cool, classic styles for everyday wear

For every top you find among Roxy women's hoodies you will find quality fabrics and energetic designs so you have comfort and style in one easy step. Hoodies can be approached in a multitude of ways and with Roxy's collection you can increase the flexibility of how you wear them. Try the Beach Party Fleece with a denim skirt or red shorts for a retro, nautical look or a hooded blazer for some minimalist sophistication over a jersey dress or with your skinnies. Hoodies don't have to be downgraded to lounging or when your free time is limited but can brighten up an outfit with a stroke of colour or give your formal wear some much-needed cool factor. Best worn with jeans and trainers for maximum effect, Roxy women's hoodies look great over skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans for the ultimate, laidback look. Browse Zalando at your leisure and see the wide assortment of Roxy women's hoodies available every day at the click of a button.