While it's fun to buy into the latest trends, it's also good to have a few core pieces that will outlast the swings and roundabouts of fashion. That's where Whistles dresses come into their own. This London-based brand offers simple, evergreen shapes delivered with a light, refined touch and a feel for tasteful embellishment - dresses with the words "timeless classic" stitched into their very fabric.

You don't need all the bells with Whistles dresses

Whistles dresses range from easy, laid-back shift styles for the day to demure but delectable waisted cocktail dresses enriched with features such as lace overlay and cutaway decoration. Prints are simple and unfussy, while monochrome burgundy, lilac and midnight blue make for a romantic, evening-ready palette. Asymmetrical hems and front slits add a dash of the unexpected to the mix, giving a modern twist to the brand's understated silhouettes.

Whistle up an elegant ensemble with Whistles dresses

We recommend styling Whistles dresses to reflect their clean, tightly edited look. Subtle makeup such as a rosy lip and tan eyeshadow can add that extra sparkle of freshness to a frock and heels combo, and large clutch bags or shoppers where you can stow away all your essentials make an ideally simple accessory. Which isn't to say you can't tweak things to suit your own personal dress sense. Take the brand's svelte jumper dresses to a gritty urban place by teaming them with a pair of women's classic boots and one of our rufty-tufty biker-style women's leather jackets.

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