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POPPY - Mini skirt - Medium Blue ARC BTN A-LINE MIDI SKIRT - Denim skirt - lt aged restored 160 B&&B DISTRESSED RAW - Mini skirt - white BO - Pencil skirt - inseam MOM COLOUR - Denim skirt - shell pink Denim skirt - blue medium wash BUTTON THROUGH - Denim skirt - mid blue PEARL - Mini skirt - mid denim Denim skirt - vintage blue ZIG ZAG - Denim skirt - blue Denim skirt - blue Denim skirt - mid blue worn in BONNIE MOM - Mini skirt - dark blue Denim skirt - blue Denim skirt - blue STELLY CLEAN - A-line skirt - vintage blue ROME PIA - Pencil skirt - denim ELNAN - Denim skirt - viessa wash Mini skirt - black Denim skirt - denim BUTTON THROUGH - Mini skirt - black DENIM SKIRT - Denim skirt - advanced dark blue wash Denim skirt - premium blue black wash Mini skirt - washed black Mini skirt - blue denim ADREA - Mini skirt - dreamy wash YETTA - Maxi skirt - blue Mini skirt - black denim VMCAROLYN - Denim skirt - medium blue denim DANCER - A-line skirt - indigo Denim skirt - black GIBSON - Denim skirt - dusty black TAYLOR - Denim skirt - blue Denim skirt - stonewash ALMOST - Denim skirt - penny blue B&&B VINTAGE WASH DISTRESSED WITH COLOURED STITCH - Denim skirt - vintage wash B&&B CRYSTAL EMBELLISHED ACID WASH DISTRESSED - Mini skirt - acid wash POPPER SIDE WRAP PENCIL - Wrap skirt - dark denim Pencil skirt - blue PELMET - A-line skirt - indigo SEAM DETAIL - Denim skirt - black PADRE PENCIL - Denim skirt - mid blue KATY PATCH - Denim skirt - stone FUDGE MOM - Denim skirt - mid blue Denim skirt - blue medium wash DAKOTA - Mini skirt - black PEARL CHAIN BUSTED HEM - Denim skirt - stonewash RAW HEM - Mini skirt - blue denim DECON - Denim skirt - blue denim SFHAILEY - Pencil skirt - black denim Mini skirt - mid wash EVA - Denim skirt - pitch black Mini skirt - mid blue wash BARCHER - Denim skirt - black Mini skirt - light blue KINGSLY - Mini skirt - middenim Mini skirt - white DECON - Denim skirt - black ONLRAIN - Mini skirt - dark grey Pencil skirt - black denim

Denim skirts provide a modern alternative to a classic pair of jeans or pencil skirt. Go for a flirty mini skirt on a night out, opting for a midi length skirt with a shirt for your morning commute.

Add a vintage vibe to your wardrobe with denim skirts

The retro denim on denim trend is coming back to fashion, reintroducing classic fitted denim skirts and true blue shades. Go for longer length denim skirts worn with a feminine silk blouses and a cotton cardigan, playing with a balance of contrasting textures. The midi length is perfect for staying ahead of the trends, best worn with a pair of chunky sandals or platform heels when you’re looking to make a statement in the city. Play with feminine silhouettes with voluminous cuts, balancing it out with a fitted shirt and statement earrings to create a voluptuous look.

Layer up your dressed down wardrobe with denim skirts

Go for a streamlined nineties look with denim skirts layered underneath a tonal denim shirt or matching structured jacket. Tuck an oversized slogan t-shirt into the waistband of a flared skirt, wearing with a pair of ankle boots to add a contemporary edge. Alternatively, opt for a pencil skirt and fitted white t-shirt at the weekend, teaming with a pair of skate shoes and slouchy rucksacks to kick back in style.

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