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3258 products
3258 products

Our blouse range offers a fresh range of this timeless classic

Blouse collection online at Zalando

The blouse is one of the most iconic feminine garments that there is. It was in the late nineteenth century that blouses became part of the wardrobe of the most fashionable ladies. Carefully starched and pressed, they were an crucial part of a fashionable outfit. In the Victorian era, more laid back and casual loose fitting blouses were developed for every day wear. Nowadays, when you want to look your smartest, a crisp and flattering blouse is an essential item to have in your wardrobe. Blouses can be wonderfully glam, too, with colourful designs and collars decorated with sequins and other embellishments. The blouse collection at the Zalando online boutique features a fantastic selection of different garments, with plenty of items for formal and casual occasions, as well as a lot of options for creating party outfits.

Find an elegant blouse for a summer party or winter wedding at Zalando

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The blouses in our online shop come in a great variety of cuts and styles. Try out a summery short sleeved blouse that is perfect for teaming up with a floaty, floral skirt for a '50s style in warm weather. Or explore the chic long sleeved blouses that can be worn with a pencil skirt for work or glammed up with jewellery and skinny jeans for an evening out. Carefully crafted buttons and attractive collars in different styles and cuts give each blouse in our range a distinguished and individual look. Discover the collection of blouse style shirts for women available at today and give your wardrobe a boost.