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EVOLUTION LIGHT - Undershirt - black OASIS CREWE SKY SUNSET - Undershirt - blizzard heather TECH TOP - Undershirt - grey Undershirt - black BASE 175 - Undershirt - ocean deep BASE CREW NECK 230 - Undershirt - mountain print LADY EVO ROUND NECK - Undershirt - light grey melange/raspberry ROSE - Undershirt - blush Undershirt - black BASE 175 - Undershirt - loganberry melange ACTIVE COMFORT RUN - Undershirt - crush ULLA - Undershirt - navy EVOLUTION LIGHT - Undershirt - black ROSE HOOD - Undershirt - ebony ICECOLD - Undershirt - black BASE CREW NECK 230 - Undershirt - light tempest/ocean deep BASELAYER - Undershirt - light grey CREW NECK CERAMICOOL PRO - Undershirt - blue radiance/peacoat MIX AND MATCH - Undershirt - net panic PASSA - Undershirt - grey CREW NECK CERAMICOOL PRO - Undershirt - peacoat pink glow WOMAN SEAMLESS - Undershirt - nero ICECOLD - Undershirt - crystal BASELAYER - Undershirt - black Undershirt - graphite blue MIX AND MATCH - Undershirt - panic ICECOLD - Undershirt - disco ULLA - Undershirt - ebony MIX AND MATCH - Undershirt - tibro multi PASSA - Undershirt - blue SOLEIE - Undershirt - alu/solid light grey BOYFRIEND LONGSLEEVE - Undershirt - burgundy/black birdseye ICECOLD HOOD - Undershirt - leopard MIX AND MATCH - Undershirt - orbit black ACTIVE COMFORT - Undershirt - poppy ICECOLD HOOD - Undershirt - dusty pink ICECOLD HOOD - Undershirt - cartoon rose SOLEIE - Undershirt - pale red/pale coral Undershirt - black/grey PERK - Undershirt - pink melange WARM INTESITY - Undershirt - black/cameo ESTELLE RELAXED - Undershirt - lead ORIGINAL VERT - Undershirt - navy CORNICE ROLLOVER LONGSLEEVE VERT - Undershirt - grey marl/peppermint BELLA TECH LONGSLEEVE GEO - Undershirt - black MIX AND MATCH - Undershirt - net montana CHECKLIST 1/4 ZIP GEO - Undershirt - black/black birdseye CHECKLIST 1/4 ZIP GEO - Undershirt - burgundy/forest green BELLA TECH LONGSLEEVE GEO - Undershirt - burgundy/forest green BOYFRIEND STACK - Undershirt - blue steel CREW NECK EVOLUTION WARM - Undershirt - black/graphite grey BASE 175 - Undershirt - quiet shade melange BASE ZIP - Undershirt - light tempest/ocean deep FIRST - Undershirt - black BASE 175 - Undershirt - ocean deep CREW NECK NATURAL - Undershirt - black Undershirt - black SIREN - Undershirt - grey FIRST COMFORT - Undershirt - black FIRST - Undershirt - white

Importantly keeping muscles warm during exercise, women's base layer tops are essential during the cold months of the year for any keen sportswomen or outdoor enthusiasts. Base layer tops for women are designed as the first clothing layer that provides thermal insulation; trapping air between layers of clothing ensures your torso doesn't lose heat. With the aim of keeping you warm, women's base layer tops are made with both natural and manmade micro-fibers, selected to optimize the heat close to your body. Technically developed to aid your performance, inner layer tops work to draw moisture away from your upper body, increasing your temperature. Base layers for women are produced using fabrics that are also breathable, which allows for comfort whilst undertaking strenuous sports. The elastic fabrics in women's base layer tops ensure a body-hugging fit.

Women's base layer tops, the first layer in keeping you warm.

Inner layer tops for women come in many cuts, with options of long sleeved base layers, short sleeved tops or sleeveless shirts. All women's base layer tops are designed to give you maximum warmth, comfort and have streamline designs for optimum mobility. Although a women's base layer top is primarily a functional garment designed with your comfort in mind, you can have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colours and styles. is proud to now stock a large selection of women's first layer tops and shirts from many of the leading base layer brands. With free delivery and returns on all base layer apparel and items on the Zalando site, there is no reason for you to be left feeling cold. If after receiving your purchase you decide it is no longer the ideal piece for you, you can return it within 100 days. More information on the products Zalando stock and our shipping policies can be gained by calling our free phone helpful hotline on 0203 059 8139.