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Windbreakers as an all-season fashion staple

There are few items that have the longevity and versatility of a windbreaker. As useful in the summer months as the colder winter season, a windbreaker is that lightweight solution for wet weather, keeping the damp days off your clothes whilst allowing you to move freely, keep cool in warm weather and still maintain an on-point look to your outfit. With some of the world’s most high-end street and sportwear brands being huge fans of the windbreaker, you are spoilt for choice when looking for a fashion-forward solution to what was previously considered a functional utility item only. In fact, windbreakers have so much street cred these days that fashionistas worldwide have incorporated them into everyday wear, lauding them the hero garment of a look.

So how does one go about making the right decision on purchase with such a prominent piece of clothing? Sport lovers and outdoor types have brands in their corner offering windbreakers that lean towards a certain activity or passion, and gearing designs to cater for those needs. Hikers, runners and football players may require different embellishments and features to their windbreakers and looking for what suits your disciplines is often a good starting point. Weather will play a large role in the choice of windbreaker you opt for too. If you will be using it for primarily outdoor activity then perhaps a hood and drawstring may suit for optimum coverage. Indoor athletes or fashionistas may want to opt for the full-frontal zip with large pockets and slip it off when the temperature rises either in the gym or at the house party.

Men’s, women’s, and unisex windbreakers for optimum coolness

One of the most appealing factors when looking for a windbreaker is the gender flexibility within the available selection. Girls can get their swag on with chunky, over-sized street brands mixed with sweats and big sneakers, maintaining an edgy look whilst tackling an outdoor dance session or a hangout with friends. Guys can be ready for anything with a wide selection that covers all athletic urges and social desires. Windbreakers have shaken off their grey and black colour palette and jumped head-first into some of the edgiest, boldest colour combos too – taking even the dullest of days and turning it on its head.

Not all wind-breakers are made for the cool and leisurely side of life though, and you will most definitely get great use from a durable, padded protector that the famous outdoor brands have made household names. Look for snow and sleet-beating options that deflect all kinds of bad weather. Reflector embellishments make them perfect for night workouts or just great visibility during dark evenings outdoors. Warmer options come with interior insulation linings and large pockets to cosy up and with nylon and polyester as your primary external fabrics, you can find enhanced technology offering even more effective water-repelling agents to boost your dry performance.

The very best in anoraks and windbreakers

When it’s time to dress for the elements, layer your gear with a high-function, fashion-friendly windbreaker as the cherry on top and stay dry with complete freedom of movement. Yoga in the park, hikes on dewy hills, and snowboarding lessons on white-capped mountains are taken in your stride with the right windbreaker on your back. Allowing for dynamic bursts of energy without slowing you down, a windbreaker completes a look no matter the season or occasion. Join big name pop and rap stars and athletes who incorporate windbreakers as their standard street wear mood and roll up to the coffee shop or party with an attitude of ready-for-anything chill.