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TEXAS - Dressing gown - cranberry TEXAS - Dressing gown - meadowgreen POPPY - Dressing gown - curacao TEXAS - Dressing gown - winternight PALERMO - Dressing gown - burgundy ROM - Dressing gown - lagoon FEELING - Dressing gown - flanell ROM - Dressing gown - turquoise ROM - Dressing gown - cranberry ALESSIA - Dressing gown - grey POPPY - Dressing gown - anthrazit ROM - Dressing gown - winternight FEELING - Dressing gown - lagoon NORELL - Dressing gown - winternight TEXAS - Dressing gown - flanell LEEDS - Dressing gown - winternight ARIEL - Dressing gown - pink ARIEL - Dressing gown - lotus ROM - Dressing gown - meaddowgreen ROM - Dressing gown - rot TEXAS - Dressing gown - schwarz FEELING - Dressing gown - deep blue POPPY - Dressing gown - cranberry ALLEGRA - Dressing gown - pearl grey TEXAS - Dressing gown - yellow MIA CAPRI - Dressing gown - capri blue MIA CAPRI - Dressing gown - grey TEXAS - Dressing gown - weiß PALERMO - Dressing gown - purpur ROBBY - Dressing gown - turquoise FEELING - Dressing gown - weiß Juno - Dressing gown - grau melange

Made from sumptuous materials, Vossen’s dressing gowns represent quality and comfort. This label has made a name for itself with super soft designs that are perfect for wearing while cuddling up on a cold evening.

Go green with Vossen

Eco conscious? Find a selection of dressing gowns designed and manufactured using sustainable technology in our Vossen range. This colour-soaked collection is also crafted with skin-friendly dyeing techniques. Just choose from a spectrum of fun shades, including jewel brights and soft pastels. With a Colour Lifetime guarantee at washing temperatures from 20°C, yours will stay as vibrant as the day you bought it. Girls, after a long day at work, treat yourself to a spa evening at home by running a steaming hot bubble bath, slathering on a face mask and indulging in a glass of champagne (or two). Once you’ve finished unwinding, throw on your warmest pyjamas and snuggle up in your cosy new dressing gown.

Lounge around in Vossen

Vossen’s dressing gowns are designed for chilling in style. Spectacularly soft and plush, they feel ace after stepping out of the shower or while lazing around the house on a Sunday morning. When you’re heading away for a couple of days, take your two-tone Vossen dressing gown with you in a sleek black sports bag. Pack a pair of sheepskin slippers so you can lounge around in luxury in your hotel suite. With designs this comfy you won't want ever want to leave, so get ready to rack up that room service bill.

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