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Impress with iconic accessories from Vitaly

The right piece of jewellery can elevate an outfit, no matter what your choice of style is. That's the founding principle of Vitaly. We particularly love the fact that the label doesn’t classify its products by gender: if it suits you, it suits you, and that's it. So it's time to find the accessory that does just that.

Stunning statement pieces that punctuate your outfits

Foremost among Vitaly's range are its bracelets. Balanced on the thin line that divides tasteful and ostentatious, they land happily in the middle ground, encompassing the best of both worlds. Chain bracelets can be thick or thin, gold or silver, so all you have to do is find the one that most closely and clearly reflects your image. Corded leather bracelets are a little less flashy, but can make just as much of a statement. Pair with a crisp shirt or a day dress for a confident, classy vibe, or switch things up and use one to emphasise a cool graphic tee or tracksuit.

The necklaces are just as exquisite. Silver chains add a touch of stand-alone flash, while gold is a colour to build a look around. A simple chain is minimalist and can be modest, while pendants draw the eye, so they’re great for pointing attention towards the elements of your outfit you want to highlight.

Vitaly is an accessories specialist that focuses on designing innovative, experimental pieces for like-minded customers. Founded in Toronto in 2011, it has grown into a global supplier of the finest jewellery. Its products are made from stainless steel – the most recycled metal on the planet – so they're sustainably-sourced too.

Bring your looks to life with a little extra shine.

If you want to lift your look with little effort (but look like you've made a lot), a ring is a must-have. At once subtle and shimmering, they bring an outfit together like nothing else, while setting its wearer apart from the crowd. Vitaly's range of gold and silver rings has everything – class, quality and unquestionable cool. There are a myriad of designs to choose from, including crucifixes and quirky offset geometric shapes.

We totally love the rings that showcase precious stones, especially jet-black shining onyx. Wear it with a bracelet that matches an outfit’s colour, so gold with gold, silver with silver. This will put an eye-catching finishing touch to your ensemble, however understated it may be.