ALV - Wellies - fuchsia HAMAR GTX - Winter boots - plum/coral CLASSIC INDIE CAMO - Wellies - green/multicolor FROST FIGHTER - Winter boots - signalred/sort NEW SPLASH VINTER - Wellies - navy ULTRA 2.0 - Winter boots - pink GYDA - Wellies - yellow MAURA GTX UKUT - Winter boots - navy/green VEME GTX - Hiking shoes - plum/magenta PLASK - Wellies - turquoise VIGRA WARM UKUT - Winter boots - black/blue HAMAR GTX - Winter boots - plum/coral LOEKKA GTX - Winter boots - taupe EVENTYR - Wellies - navy PLAYTIME GTX - Winter boots - purple/lavender ULTRA 2.0 - Winter boots - black/grey NORDLYS - Winter boots - mustard/black NOBLE - Wellies - black EVENTYR - Wellies - pink/multicolor SPLASH II - Wellies - navy MAURA GTX UKUT - Winter boots - taupe PLAYTIME GTX - Winter boots - charcoal/sun TRYVANN BOA GTX - Winter boots - black/orange FROST FIGHTER - Winter boots - black/grey ULTRA 2.0 - Winter boots - blue/black TOTAK GTX - Baby shoes - petrol/marine THRILL - Walking sandals - royal/orange THRILL - Walking sandals - charcoal/red BALDER - Wellies - black NOBLE - Wellies - black SAGENE MID GTX UK - Walking boots - khaki/navy BISLETT MID GTX - Walking boots - navy/lime RETRO LIGHT - Wellies - tomato FENJA - Wellies - charcoal VIGRA GTX - High-top trainers - black/white FOXY - Wellies - black MIRA GT - Wellies - black DRAGE - Wellies - black/lime ASCOT II - Wellies - black/brown VEIL - Hiking shoes - magenta/turquoise VEMDALEN GTX - Hiking shoes - navy/green NESOEYA - Walking sandals - black/orange STAVANGER GTX - Hiking shoes - black/white VEME GTX - Hiking shoes - plum/dark pink BISLETT GTX - Hiking shoes - charcoal/red KOLLEN - Hiking shoes - plum/dark pink VEMDALEN GTX - Hiking shoes - plum/dark pink HOLMEN - Hiking shoes - royal/orange ULLEVAAL - Hiking shoes - navy/green RUBY - Wellies - burgundy CLASSIC INDIE - Wellies - navy MATROS II - Wellies - navy/white SPARK II GTX - Winter boots - taupe/cement SEILAS - Wellies - navy SOLAN NEO UK - Wellies - green/multicolor LYKKE - Wellies - navy VERTEX MID GTX - Trail running shoes - orange/black LYKKJA GTX - Walking shoes - blue/coral JOLLY - Wellies - yellow HOLMEN - Hiking shoes - plum/dark pink

Thanks to nearly 100 years' experience of making shoes and boots for all conditions and terrain, Viking footwear is ready for anything. Tackle mountains and ice with ease in seriously rugged boots or just bring some Nordic cool to your local high street.

Bad weather's a breeze with Viking shoes and boots

Crunching through fresh snow? Splashing through puddles? It's all fun and games as long as you've got sturdy, warm and waterproof boots on. That's where Viking comes in - from classic wellies to advanced sports styles, the label's footwear is made to keep feet happy in the harshest environments. These tough, comfortable rubber boots are designed to take you on wilderness adventures, but they're pretty handy on a soggy commute too. And with the label's ultimate grip technology, there should be no awkward slips on rocky outcrops or station platforms. Ankle and mid-calf designs with nylon socks and padded insulation are ideal on frosty mornings or just a cold, damp day. Choose pair of ankle-length wellington boots and match with a lightweight, sporty raincoat for men and women to create your ready-for-anything festival outfit. Alternatively, the whole family can stand out on the slopes with winter boots in a vibrant shade and a boldly patterned snowboard jacket.

Viking: functionality with a sporty aesthetic

Created for outdoor adventures, Viking footwear features innovative, high-tech materials to make it waterproof, warm and breathable all at once. The Norwegian label's range of boots and shoes is dominated by all-action designs that are perfect for creating a tough take on street style. Men and women can try a lace-up pair of high-tops with a chunky tread (and amazing grip) teamed with skinny jeans and a down jacket, all in chic monochrome for effortless urban cool.

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