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Product details

  • Internal material: textile
  • bootleg height: 12.5 "
  • bootleg width: 14.0 "
  • upper material: natural rubber
  • Article number: VI111C002-302

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Heidi From Cornwall
w w w w w
Cute, good fit and functional
submitted on 13-May-2015

These wellies are surprisingly comfortable, I love the flat soles. I ordered my regular size and they fit perfectly with wellie socks. They're very cute, come with extra black laces if the striped ones are too much (but come on, we both know the laces is one of the reasons you want them ;) and they keep the water out. Together with the good fit, what more can you ask for? :) (I've yet to try them when the fields/ foot paths are a muddy mess, which probably will be a nightmare on the laces, but then again, I knew that when I ordered them ;)

Colour RETRO W STRIPED LACES - Wellies - black
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groovy boots
submitted on 10-Jan-2012

Fortunately (or unfortunately!) it hasn' t rained since I received them so I'm not able to review their performance in wet conditions. They are cut a little narrow - but they fit me perfectly. At the beginning they had an unpleasant smell.

Colour RETRO W STRIPED LACES - Wellies - red
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wonderful boots
submitted on 03-Dec-2011

wonderful boots. Well made and more beautiful than I'd expected!

Colour RETRO W STRIPED LACES - Wellies - red
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RE: How wide are they at the top?
submitted on 22-Oct-2011

I've got them in a small children's size and the top was rather small. There were no problems getting them on the little one though. Seem very comfortable (funny since they are rubber boots!) :-)

Colour RETRO W STRIPED LACES - Wellies - red