SMALAND - Fleece - eclipse PEMBROKE - Parka - eclipse uni AGAPET II - Across body bag - black TORRIDON II - Fleece - olive GOMERA 24 - Backpack - erica BERT M - Across body bag - black FARLEY II - Trousers - black NORE - Rucksack - black HAPET II - Across body bag - black TIRANO - Waterproof jacket - phantom black AGAPET II - Across body bag - nougat LUMINUM - Soft shell jacket - black WOMENS VÄSTERAS - Classic coat - eclipse CARBISDALE - Outdoor jacket - black MISKANTI 2IN1 - Outdoor jacket - black RESCA II - Soft shell jacket - dragonfly LIMFORD JACKET III - Hardshell jacket - grey melange SMALAND - Fleece - black WIZARD 18+4 - Backpack - black ALPHAPRO - Fleece - chute green CHIVA - Soft shell jacket - phantom black KATMAKI - Fleece - crocus KATMAKI - Fleece - grey melange SMALAND - Fleece - eclipse RIMBI - Waistcoat - eclipse/olive WIZARD 30+4L - Backpack - black RESCA II - Soft shell jacket - phantom black KABRU HOODED II - Down jacket - black BRENTA 35 - Backpack - black RIMBI - Outdoor jacket - olive ALTIPLANO - Outdoor jacket - black STRATHONA - Trousers - black LARRAU - Soft shell jacket - phantom black SESVENNA II - Outdoor jacket - black MINAKI - Windbreaker - startling LUMINUM - Accessory - black BERT XS - Across body bag - black SMALAND - Fleece - black WIZARD 24+4 - Backpack - blue sapphire SENTINO - Fleece - dragonfly WIZARD 24+4 - Backpack - indian red LASTA HOODY - Fleece - grey melange KIDS CAMPFIRE IV 2-IN-1 - Winter jacket - eel CEDUNA II - Parka - phantom black BERT XS - Across body bag - anthracite COMRADE II - Rucksack - iron DIBONA ADVANCED - Walking shoes - eclipse LASTA HOODY - Fleece - eclipse COMRADE II - Rucksack - olive /trout COMRADE II - Rucksack - eclipse ALTIPLANO - Trousers - black GOMERA 24 - Backpack - hummingbird BEALACH - Soft shell jacket - hydro blue OY - Rucksack - marine WIZARD 18+4 - Backpack - indian red WIZARD 30+4L - Backpack - indian red SNIPPY - Sports bag - blue WOMEN DIBONA ADVANCED - Hiking shoes - red SENTINO - Fleece - pewter grey LASTA - Fleece - grey melange

Vaude is a supplier of clothing and equipment for those who are passionate about their adventure activities. While preparing you to face the great outdoors, Vaude takes a sustainable and responsible approach to the environment.

Vaude - working to make the outdoors world a better place

Since its creation in 1974, the core products from Vaude have centred around the world of mountaineering. Vaude women's rucksacks and daysacks support its hardwearing outdoor clothing that's inspired and developed by enthusiastic mountaineers. Whether you're taking a gentle hike in a national park or trekking into the Alps, Vaude sports shorts and waterproof jackets let you stride out in functional gear that has the stylish twists you love. If, like Vaude, you think it's vital to start your kids eco-awareness early then let them choose from its colourful range of outdoor gear. There'll definitely be no arguments from them about heading outside.

Active city to country fashion with Vaude

Vaude men's sports clothing features the moment's muted shades of khaki and olive green, letting you feel at one with nature as you enjoy the outdoor world. Walking trousers are gentle on the skin no matter how many miles you cover while their versatile zip-off designs cope instantly with temperature changes. Layer Vaude fleeces over T-shirt base layers and top with thermal hardshell coats. These super warm winter coats are great wardrobe investments with neutral colours and smart lines that work as well for slick city commuting as they do in the mountains.

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