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Up your warm-weather footwear game with Uzurii. The label has grown a cult following for its hand-decorated flip-flops, inspired by the streets of Rio de Janeiro and handcrafted by women all over the world. With their sparkling details and colourful finishes, these shoes are made for poolside posing.

Uzurii: sustainable and glamorous footwear

When it comes to inspirational stories, it's hard to beat Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos. After spending the first five years of her life living in the Amazon rainforest, she moved to the gritty favelas of Rio de Janeiro. There she was given her first ever pair of hand-me-down flip flops, which she dressed up with bits and pieces from the street. She dreamed of selling shoes when she grew up, and in 2011 she started doing just that by launching her own footwear label, Uzurii. Each pair is handcrafted and, just like the ones Ferreira dos Santos wore as a child, highly embellished. These holiday essentials add a dash of glamour to effortless jersey shorts and slogan T-shirt combos. Not only that, they're swish enough to wear on big nights out: combine with a floral maxi dress and some costume jewellery for some club-worthy glitz.

Uzurii: not just for beach holidays

The Uzurii aesthetic is feminine and intricate. The straps of the flip flops are adorned with metallic details, colourful wooden beads and sparkling jewellery. Wear them to fancy afternoon engagements and show off your pedicure and new amulet anklet. They also look great teamed with a paisley dress for afternoon tea. Or pop them in your handbag and take them along for your next spa day with your best mates. Uzurii footwear will look gorgeous with your fluffy dressing gown (and will put those throwaway flip flops to shame in your social media snaps).

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