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MARVIN - Rucksack - grey CALINA - Rucksack - dark grey HAJO - Rucksack - grey MARVIN - Rucksack - olive Across body bag - black CALINA - Rucksack - black PEKKA - Rucksack - black ALAN - Rucksack - black ALBERT - Rucksack - grey TALIB - Rucksack - dark grey GARCIA - Rucksack - black ISOBEL - Rucksack - black KASPER - Rucksack - dark grey CATHLYN - Rucksack - brown HARAS - Rucksack - grey SAVAL - Across body bag - black ISKOT - Rucksack - grey NIZAM - Across body bag - black KARIM - Rucksack - grey TAGLO - Rucksack - black KANE - Rucksack - brown FILIP - Tote bag - grey ALRICH - Rucksack - black NILE - Across body bag - black LOYD - Sports bag - black JANINA - Across body bag - black VINCE - Rucksack - black JACKIE - Across body bag - black CANDICE - Rucksack - black LOFTON - Sports bag - black SAKURA - Across body bag - black BRAXTON - Rucksack - black NILSON - Across body bag - silver FINN - Tote bag - black HENDRIK - Tote bag - dark grey/dark navy RINGO - Rucksack - black

Berlin-based lifestyle brand Ucon Acrobatics blends ethical craftsmanship with contemporary design to create cool minimalist bags and sleek urban clothing. The label prides itself on its connections to the city's artistic culture, embracing collaborations with up-and-coming creatives.

Ucon Acrobatics: understated perfection in the bag

With elegant, structured designs, bags by Ucon Acrobatics are versatile and timeless, matching perfectly with smart streetwear styles or contemporary professional outfits. Their clean lines, sophisticated fabrics and low-key tones means they won't look out of place when you're making that big presentation at work. Girls, go for a cross-body bag to carry all your essentials on the commute and pair with tailored trousers, a blazer and a roll-neck jumper to blend in with the creatives and the suits. If you're planning a gym trip after work, a rucksack with a roll top is the ideal choice for carrying your women's trainers and sports kit. After all that, you deserve some time off, so pack a duffle bag and head away on a city break in dark jeans, crisp white trainers and a Harrington jacket.

Sleek sporty style with Ucon Acrobatics

The urban cool of Ucon Acrobatics is ideal for pulling off the sports-luxe trend. The label even has its own athleisure clothing with the same refined take on street style. Get the minimalist Berlin look with a dark monochrome ensemble, teaming tailored joggers with a men's tracksuit top and matching rucksack. Or add a bolder element with a short coat featuring an edgy, streetwise print over skinny jeans and high-top trainers - perfect for loading up your tote bag with the latest vinyl at the record shop. For a contemporary take on 60s mod style, pair some tailored chinos with a men's parka. Just sling a holdall over your shoulder and you're all set for a weekend away.

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