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MY FLOWER - Triangle bra - skin/light TRUE SENS - Body - white ESSENTIAL MINIMIZER - Underwired bra - smooth skin ESSENTIAL MINIMIZER - Underwired bra - ebony brown BEAUTY FULL GRACE - Underwired bra - black BEAUTY FULL DARLING - Underwired bra - orange highlight BEAUTY FULL ESSENTIAL - T-shirt bra - nude beige BEAUTY-FULL DARLING - Shorts - black AIRY SENSATION - Underwired bra - nude Underwired bra - vanilla BODY MAKEUP ESSENT - T-shirt bra - navy SCULPTING SENSATION - Underwired bra - vanille BODY MAKEUP ESSENT - T-shirt bra - bohemian rose Underwired bra - black PERFECT SENSATION - Body - nude BODY MAKE-UP - Underwired bra - black BEAUTY-FULL IDOL - Underwired bra - nude beige MY PERFECT SHAPER - Underwired bra - white MAGIC BOOST - Push-up bra - nude AMOURETTE - Underwired bra - navy AMOURETTE - Underwired bra - white BODY MAKE-UP - Underwired bra - white PERFECT SENSATION - Shorts - nude AMOURETTE - Underwired bra - navy AMOURETTE SPOTLIGHT - Underwired bra - haute orange MAKE-UP MAGIC - T-shirt bra - nude MAGIC BOOST - Underwired bra - nude beige MAGIC BOOST - Underwired bra - black BODY MAKE-UP - Body - black AMOURETTE CHARM - Underwired bra - bohemian rose AMOURETTE - Underwired bra - navy PERFECT SENSATION - Underwired bra - smooth skin MY FLOWER - Underwired bra - white/light BODY MAKE UP - Triangle bra - smooth skin DREAM SPOTLIGHT - Push-up bra - black Underwired bra - white BODY MAKE-UP ESSENTIALS - T-shirt bra - nude beige ETERNAL SPOTLIGHT - Multiway / Strapless bra - silk white SPOTLIGHT - Balconette bra - black MY CANDLE SPOTLIGHT - Thong - black TRUE SENSATION - T-shirt bra - black LOVELY CURVES - T-shirt bra - vanille BODY MAKE-UP - T-shirt bra - black SPOTLIGHT - T-shirt bra - black TRUE CURVES FOREVER - T-shirt bra - vanille BODY MAKE-UP - Body - nude beige ELEGANT CURVES - Underwired bra - black AMOURETTE SPOTLIGHT - Underwired bra - grey combination DREAM SPOTLIGHT - T-shirt bra - black BEAUTY-FULL IDOL - Underwired bra - black Balconette bra - vanille SPOTLIGHT - Balconette bra - nude AIRY SENSATION - Underwired bra - white BEAUTY-FULL DARLING - Shorts - orange highlight MAGIC BOOST - Underwired bra - navy BEAUTY-FULL DARLING - Thong - orange highlight AMOURETTE SPOTLIGHT - T-shirt bra - grey MAKE-UP ESSENTIALS MINIMIZER - Underwired bra - black TRENDY SENSATION - Shapewear - black MY FLOWER - Shorts - grey

Triumph - enhancing female self-confidence through their beautiful and innovative lingerie designs for over 100 years! The roots of the women's lingerie label dates back to 1886 and a small family-run corset production business in South Germany. Triumph's underwear range has continuously changed with the times, the brand's passionate approach to developments in material technologies is clear proof of the innovative capabilities of their designers. What began as a six-strong sewing machine workforce in a barn in the 19th century has grown to be the brand that invented adjustable straps, moulded cups amongst other breakthroughs in underwear design, earning Triumph the right to call themselves lingerie experts. A brand loved and coveted by women across the globe, Triumph constantly develop their product lines in order to provide women with lingerie that makes them feel oh-so comfortable and exquisitely special at the same time!

Triumph - beautiful fashionable lingerie with a perfect fit!

All lingerie from Triumph boasts the winning combination of alluring design, quality fabrics and a level of comfort that has made the brand so popular since its conception! Specialists in their field, the brand's main line Triumph delivers a whole range of styles from seductive lace creations to sports and shapewear. More recently, the lingerie giant has launched a range called Triumph Essence, a line inspired by supermodel Helena Christensen that offers different lingerie designs with specific personalities, so your underwear can be as multifaceted and passionate as you! Order your lingerie from Zalando and we will send you your items for free. What's more, should you wish to return your purchase, we will handle the postage costs making your shopping experience with Zalando completely hassle-free. For more information, just call our customer care line for free on 0203 059 8139 today. Treat yourself to luxurious lingerie from Triumph on!