Train smarter and faster with TomTom cardio rate monitors while listening to the soundtrack of your choice. In 1991 the TomTom GPS system changed the way the world drove, now its fitness accessories are changing the way we exercise.

Essential performance information from your TomTom

TomTom GPS sports watches were launched in 2013 to help athletes set, track and beat personal goals. With the TomTom cardio and music watch on your wrist, your heart rate is tracked while you exercise to a soundtrack of up to 500 tunes, more than enough for running a marathon. With your watch Bluetooth linked, you no longer need to carry your phone on daily runs, letting you immerse yourself in your training schedule without distractions. With their city slick anthracite or sky blue shades these powerful TomTom training aids fit right in with your running gear.

TomTom - the modern way to set goals

Whatever your training aims TomTom cardio watches help you work towards them. With its ability to improve your fitness, help you lose weight, beat your personal best or maximise your performance when switching between activities, your TomTom is going to be as important a part of your sports equipment as your water bottle or helmet. And if you're training for a triathlon your TomTom GPS watch is even designed for pool and open water swimming. When exercise or competition appearance is important or you have team colours to wear then colourful interchangeable bracelets alter the look of your slim line watch with just a quick click, ready to style with your cycling jersey or swimming gear.

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