Womens' Thigh High Socks

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Luscious lace tops and seductive seams blend with sultry shades to give a sheen to your legs. Bare legs in sheer style with women's thigh-high socks.

Women's thigh-high socks - style with a seductive finish

Women's thigh-high socks, or hold-ups and stay-ups, are sexier alternatives to tights with less fuss than stockings and suspenders. Find a make you love from trusted names like Pretty Polly or La Perla. Along with a fit that stays put, you'll find thigh-high socks cool and nuisance free in hotter months. Thigh-highs with deep lace tops make a treat for your partner and are perfect for romantic dinners for two or special anniversaries. Barely blacks are just right under your favourite little black dress while natural shades with a subtle sheen go well with feminine skirts and evening tops. To wear with strappy evening sandals pick thigh-high socks with seamless toes and heels.

Dainty legs with women's thigh-high socks

Channel your office Miss Moneypenny with pencil skirts, crisp business-like shirts and women's thigh-high socks with sexy seams. Slip into kitten heels to feel utterly feminine. If you're going clubbing with friends and are full of confidence, pick subtly patterned thigh-highs and style with mini skirts that let you flash a touch of lace. To keep the look wearable cover up on top in floaty shirts and stick to ankle boots or classic heels that aren't too high. And, of course, what could be more special than a pair of deluxe white or ivory thigh-highs under your wedding dress?

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