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Every woman remembers her first, and the day your little ones grow up to need their first kids' training bra will be a big step. Ease them in gently with gorgeously feminine cotton bras and comfy crop tops in quality fabrics and with girly finishing touches.

Go cutesy with printed kids' training bras and crop tops

Super soft triangle bras and straight across bustiers without padding or wiring are a perfect first choice for young girls who are just getting into wearing kids' training bras. Look for cute prints like polka dots, stripes and stars, to ease them in slowly if they aren't sure. Great for active go-getters, these lighter bras give the right amount of support to growing girls, without feeling restrictive or bulky. Elastic banding on kids' crop tops adds a sporty feel, and with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein Underwear, you can treat them to some premium underwear basics.

Give them the best quality and fit with kids' training bras and crop tops

As they get older, many teens will want to move on to more structured kids' training bras - keep it simple with cotton t-shirt bras that have minimal padding, for a seamless base under their favourite kids' dresses and tops. Lace trims and bow details add that extra pretty touch, and they'll love them with matching knickers and briefs. It's really important for growing bodies to have the right support, so make sure they're measured properly to avoid ill fitting kids' crop tops.

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