CITY TRAIL 19 - Rucksack - olive BARON - Across body bag - black KARAS 60+10 - Hiking rucksack - black BARREL XS - Sports bag - black

The brand Tatonka is a rarity in outdoor and trekking sports. This German company based in Dasing is constantly developing new, innovative products for hiking designed to keep comfort as high as possible without sacrificing any functionality. The company name means "buffalo" and is a homage to Indian culture. Their philosophy revolves around a harmonious coexistence with, and respect for, nature through Tatonka, the buffalo. Tatonka feels a duty to provide its customers with the very best possible product quality.

Tatonka - the most special experience.

Tatonka production has been based for the most part in its own workshop in Vietnam since 1989. Here, Tatonka authorities value sustainability and optimal, fair working conditions - and for this has long been an exception to the rule in a country like Vietnam. Tatonka's clientele extends all around the world - and wherever they can hike. Tatonka rucksacks, bags and clothes must of course adapt to the body form. Tantonka offers its customers the possibility to let go of and switch off from the stress of everyday. If you're interested in Tatonka products, discover our huge selection of products from the brand of the buffalo. If you have any further questions, ring our Service Team on the free of charge Hotline 0203 059 8139.