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Style aware men will be thrilled to discover Original Penguin men's t-shirts, a range of great tops that can be worn in numerous settings. Original Penguin produced its initial collections in the 1950's and the brand is an authentic US heritage label. Its cheeky penguin in a bow tie logo was an integral part of each garment and was seen on a host of iconic greats including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Clint Eastwood. Following incredible demand the brand was re-established and is now worn by a new breed of sharp, sophisticated men. The brand's impressive pedigree is apparent in all Original Penguin men's t-shirts and classic styles are given a cool new look with contemporary colours and high quality materials. Whether you like sporty polo shirts or classic round neck tops with creative logos and quirky prints, Original Penguin men's t-shirts always stand out from the crowd.

Original Penguin men's t-shirts - a creative take on classic flair

All Original Penguin men's t-shirts are well cut, flattering and versatile and each has been made from the finest fabrics. Choose classic polo shirts with details such as contrast edging, or let your retro style come to the fore in cool round neck Original Penguin men's t-shirts that hint at the fabrics and prints of the past. Original Penguin men's t-shirts are so much more than a cult classic, they are comfortable, practical and suitable for a variety of casual and semi-formal occasions. Team polo shirts with chinos or shorts for a suave, laid back summer look or slip on a simple t-shirt with jeans and boat shoes for shopping in the city or drinks at your favourite bar. Original Pengiun men's t-shirts are as individual as the man they were created for, and you can see some of the most exciting styles at the Zalando online boutique today.

Beautiful women's heels on

Ladies' heels are a mainstay of any classy wardrobe. As our social engagements mount, and we are invited to more and more nights out or cocktail parties, we always seem to need a fresh pair of heels to perfect our look and show our figures off at their best. And no wonder, because a well-made and beautifully designed pair of high heels really does provide a crowning glory of any well-styled outfit. With a pair of heels which complements a summer dress or pair of smart trousers, style-conscious women know how to accentuate their curves and display their posture at its most elegant. Ladies' heels let us raise our figure, adding a little height while straightening our backs. Without them, many of use would slouch around in trainers or pumps, and a good pair of women's heels seems to be the key to feeling and looking graceful and totally feminine.

Catch the feeling of elegance and poise with classy ladies' heels

What we wear on our feet to parties or when out on the town tends to define the way people see us. The feet are often the first thing that people notice when they meet us, and a snappy, gorgeous pair of heels makes a fantastic first impression. Whether you are a fan of high-heeled ankle boots or glitzy stilletos, ladies' heels are also a versatile item which goes with many outfits. Heels are the ideal complement for jeans, dresses, skirts and even summer shorts, so it makes sense to have a large reserve of beautiful pairs for when the need arises. You never know when you will fall in love with a certain gown or dress, and nobody wants to be left without a superb pair of ladies' heels to show that dream dress off at its best. Glamour can't be guaranteed by a smart pair of heels, but most women would agree that we can't achieve a truly gorgeous, elegant look without them. So don't fill that wardrobe up with dull heels any more. Zalando offers thousands of different designs from top brands, allowing you to assemble exactly the right portfolio of heels for any social occasion.