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USANNE - Sweatshirt - shiny pea ZUMALA - Blouse - black KONTALE - Long sleeved top - black ZUMALA - Blouse - white ZAYA - Vest - milk ZAHID - Shirt - black KONTALE - Long sleeved top - milk KAIN - Long sleeved top - grey melange ZINITA - Long sleeved top - shiny pea Blouse - hazy fog melange ZINITA JACQUARD - Blouse - dark port USANNE - Sweatshirt - milk KÄTHI - Vest - black VAHIDA - Down coat - black CHAI - Leggings - black ZARINDA - Blouse - rose dust TALLY - Jumper - shiny pea KAMSADI - Long sleeved top - milk TAMIKE - Jumper - black USHILA - Sweatshirt - rose KALIA - Long sleeved top - white TJELVA COSY - Jumper - hazy fog melange CELANA - Trousers - black URANIA - Sweatshirt - rose dust KAMILL - Long sleeved top - bordeaux TALLY - Jumper - rose dust URANIA - Sweatshirt - black USANNE - Sweatshirt - black CELANA - Trousers - shiny pea KAIN - Long sleeved top - olive KAIN - Long sleeved top - black UDIJANA - Jumper - slate grey melange KENGA - Vest - milk ZARINDA - Blouse - milk KONTALE - Long sleeved top - slate grey melange QASKIYA - Summer dress - black KAIN - Long sleeved top - dark port TALEB - Jumper - hazy fog melange ZINITA - Blouse - dark port OMALA - A-line skirt - black CORINE - Trousers - black TJELVA COSY - Jumper - misty snow QUIANA - Summer dress - black VAHANA - Classic coat - black TAMIKE - Jumper - misty snow QERINDA - Summer dress - milk UDELA - Cardigan - hazy fog melange QUANITTA - Summer dress - black TALEB - Jumper - misty snow Jumper - grey melange USHILA - Sweatshirt - black KISALA - Long sleeved top - shiny pea COLBERTA - Trousers - transmitter ZACCERIA - Shirt - white UDINE - Print T-shirt - blue anemone ULITA - Print T-shirt - reliable blue OLESJA - A-line skirt - reliable blue OLESJA - A-line skirt - dull grey USABEL - Vest - reliable blue ZALANDA - Shirt - white

New for 2015,someday. gives casual fashion the premium touch. This label features regular innovative collections and channels feminine minimalism. Inspired by Europe, someday. is a master of elegance.

Inner confidence with someday.

someday. is all about purity and simplicity of design. But their minimalist pieces also have a biting edge, reworking the sophisticated palettes and unconventional cuts of the European catwalks into wearable fashion. To perfect Parisian chic, tuck one of our neutral-toned satin someday. women’s blouses and tunics or fully buttoned collared shirts into flared knee-length skirts paired with simple heels. For a more relaxed style, these someday. women’s tops and t-shirts come in a mix of softly draping fabrics, such as simple jersey t-shirts for comfort, flexibility and a smooth silhouette. For smart-casual wear, pair with skinny jeans and ankle boots; to flaunt your curves, tuck them loosely into high-waisted jeans. For slender tomboy shapes, boxy t-shirts bring sophistication to casual outfits and can be easily paired with midi skirts and flats.

Cosy chic with someday.

Detox your wardrobe with someday.. Their natural palette will neutralise your style and mean you always have something elegant and easy-to-wear close at hand. These stony shades work perfectly with delicate knitwear for fuss-free style, and our range of someday. jumpers and cardigans has everything you need for all-year-round coverage: from tank tops and sweatshirts teamed with crisp white shirts, to chunky polo neck jumpers and cardigans perfect with leggings. Dress down someday. women’s jumpers and cardigans with boyfriend-cut jeans and canvas pumps, or dress them up with a pleated monochrome skirt, heels and a splash of red lipstick for a classic winter look. Recapture the flair of being effortlessly fabulous with this collection from someday..

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