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We love our children and as such we firmly believe they should have the best. That said, parents can't go wrong with kids' clothing brand Soft Gallery. Founded in Copenhagen by fashion designer Tine Holt Møller and fashion photographer Barbara Hvidt, the Soft Gallery kids' clothing brand creates children's clothes using imaginative designs on pastel shades, and are especially known for their creative use of colourful prints of animals, insects and flowers. The extra ingredients of glittery sequins and intricate embroidery add to the artistic magic that all children love. Soft Gallery pool the collaborative talents of the best artists, all handpicked by the founders themselves, to help the brand create successful season after season of wonderful and distinctive prints and embroidery patterns, putting Soft Gallery right at the top of the tree in the world of children's fashion.

Soft Gallery, where magical art meets exquisite fashion

When it comes to style and an eye for detail, Tine and Barbara are definitely the best women for the job. Tine graduated in the year 2000 from the Royal College of Art with a masters degree in women's fashion. Meanwhile, Barbara Hvidt graduated in 2001 with majors in styling and photography from the Royal College of Fashion. The two women met during their initial year of studies when Barbara photographed Tine's masters collection. From then on, they became firm friends. Soft Gallery was founded in 2007, filling a much-needed gap in the children's clothing market, taking off straight away. It has been going from strength to strength ever since with its great ranges of kids' dresses and kids' trousers and jeans. The concept behind Soft Gallery stems from a shared passion for fusing simple yet imaginative pictures with quality and fashionable designs by simply replacing the humble artist's canvas with fabrics. Where better to realise that true vision for art versus design than children's clothing?

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