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Sofie Shnoor is a young and talented designer from Denmark. Through her parent's shoe business, Sofie Schnoor quickly discovered her own love and passion for design and creativity. By the age of 26, she had founded her own company - Sofie Shnoor. Her designs are characteristically very Scandinavian - clear lines, yet with romantically poignant notes throughout, with which the designer has truly gripped fashion enthusiasts. Sofie Schnoor's designs have been enthusiastically introduced firstly to Denmark and then the rest of Europe. You too will be amazed!

Sofie Schnoor doesn't only offer excellent, timeless design, but also the best production and high quality materials

In the shoes of Sofie Schnoor, one can feel truly whole in the knowledge that every experience will be a comfortable one. Looking good and feeling great! Those are the best attributes that a shoe can have! Order your own beautiful pair of Sofie Schnoor's with free shipping at Any questions? If so, please call our friendly service team on our free hotline on 0203 059 8139 to get information about the great shoes from Sofie Schoor. Elegant, modern and particularly stylish - that's Sofie Schnoor.