Get the slickest, sickest shoes known to Society

Footwear can make all the difference. It can transform an otherwise average outfit into something above and beyond. If you want to make an impression, Society's shoes always leave their footprint. Edgy, artful and out-of-this-world cool, you'll be getting the most inspired designs cut from the highest quality leather.

Only the best when it comes to boots

What's the one thing every person needs on their feet? If you ask us, it's a great pair of boots. Society's boots are all about attitude, with eye-catching and unique designs we absolutely love. Ankle boots are all the rage at the moment, and there are plenty on offer here. Zips give off an authentic cowboy vibe, and harness fastenings evoke the western theme too.

Textured animal prints feel good and really look the part too, so they’re a great way to spice up an outfit. Go with sparkling white or silvery snakeskin to make a statement. Some items in this line are even printed with slogans that are all about conveying that super-cool attitude to the human zoo.

Feeling punky? Classic commando lace-ups can really show off your counter-cultural flair. If you're venturing into the wilderness, you'll want something sturdy. That's where hiking boots come in. Practical, warm, hard-wearing and – above all – comfortable, they're the perfect choice for getting out and about. They work well in a less adventurous setting too, and are fun to build your street look around.

Society is an all-American brand. Think fast motorbikes, loud rock music and open roads that run for miles. Founded in 2010, the company takes pride in using products made exclusively on its home soil. The American dream is symbolised in every pair of footwear it creates, and it now has a foothold in countries across the globe.

Shoes that stand out in a crowd

Society has shoes for any occasion that effortlessly set you apart. Going formal? Black lace-ups, no question. Whip-smart, understated, functional. Feeling flashy? Slip-ons could be the answer. We love the various accents that lift them way off the ground in terms of style.

In a more casual setting, you'll want trainers. This brand’s high-tops have a unique sole design that's as cool as it is original. Several eye-catching graphics are also available, and we love them for their creativity. Details like zips, logos and slogans really help bring a look to life too.