Simple- shoes for a happy planet! The small shoe label from next door that is Simple. It was founded due to the necessity for sustainable and wearable shoes as a contrast to all the highly praised and complicated products you can find on the market. In 1991 the time had come, the market should no longer be lacking good and realistic shoes, Eric Meyer founded Simple Shoes- a combination of athletic sports and outdoor shoes. Two years later, Simple Shoes was taken over by Decker Outdoor Group that today includes four other lines, all with the same goal, to combine functionality with creative designs. Simple is a good forerunner and mixes performance with style- a combination that results in light wearable feel-good shoes. Simple has learned a lot during years of shoe production and strengthened its own central theme: "Not only the reason WHY shoes are produced but also HOW they are being produced. " An allusion to the sustainable production in favour of nature- 100%. This is being implemented through their Green Toe method that includes different categories- good, better, best- to set the aspirations for production. Introduced was the Green Toe method with two models that were fully made out of natural materials. A great success.Today, clogs, sneakers, sandals and many shoes for leisure time for men, women and kids belong to the Simple collections. In autumn 2006 Simple started producing bags, that are also sustainable and practical.Very special is the idea that came to the minds of Simple designers in 2007. The ecoconscious business is of the opinion that it is not enough to only use ecofriendly materials for Simple shoes, but also usable waste that can be found all over the place should be recycled and included to the material mix. Tires and plastic bottles- finally useful!Shoes for a happy planet can now be found on Zalando.co.uk. Order free of shipping costs and with a 100 day return policy. Order your favourites online or with the help of our service hotline 0203 059 8139- Simple- shoes for a good conscience!