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It's a universally acknowledged truth that there's nothing cuter on Earth than baby footwear (seriously). And that’s what Shoo Pom does best: from sneakers to boots and sandals, this collection features adorable mini versions of grown-up kicks.

Family to family: Shoo Pom

Pom D’Api has been making high-quality shoes for children for years - since 1870, in fact. The Rautureau family’s expertise and commitment to creating footwear with a great fit, made with top-notch materials, has been passed down through the generations. This legacy is still going strong, and can be seen in the Shoo Pom line, which features contemporary designs with just the right amount of creative flair, including fun cutout detailing and playful tassels. Every tiny shoe goes through more than 200 steps in its production, from first sketch to completion, and it’s easy to see this attention to detail in the fine stitching and classic design.

Footwear for the budding adventurer by Shoo Pom

Whether your little one is into climbing mountains (chairs), jumping from great heights (stairs) or making their own personal brand of mischief, Shoo Pom will be there for them every step of the way. With sweet, embellished sandals, fluffy boots and practical trainers, this line has what your little one needs to help find their feet in the big world. For outdoor fun, be sure to add a cap to their outfit to keep the sun at bay and choose some brightly coloured swimwear to complement their brand new Shoo Pom shoes. If the weather's less kind, try a patterned raincoat and a woolly hat to keep those precious ears warm and toasty and their clothing dry.

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