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Where do Bally shoes come from?

What started as a family-owned ribbon and fabric factory, in an area in Germany called Schönenwerd, quickly grew into a brand around the beginning of the century when Bally shoes became more industrial in its processes and built better infrastructure that brought more services and support to its employees, as well as expanded its stores to Montevideo, Uruguay, and also Paris, France.

They design functional fashion that transcends borders; from specially engineered boots, worn on the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, to the curling shoes designed specifically for the Swiss Olympic team.

Are Bally shoes good quality?

Bally tries to be different by always creating and producing while keeping longevity on their minds. Their group of multi-generational artists stationed in Caslano, Switzerland, creates styles with authenticity, care and love which embodies their authentic approach to shoe making, accessories, and ready-to-wear clothing.

Bally also makes use of AI and 3D prototyping to help develop their projects, they embrace a multitude of new age technologies to maximise the possibilities of what they can make, as well as pushing boundaries in the shoe and accessory industry by defining what the shoe of the future could be.

What are Bally's views on the environment?

Swiss at heart, they are open to the world; being equally comfortable in the city as they are in nature.

Born in the Swiss Alps, they are deeply passionate about integrating nature into everything they do, to taking active steps in mountain conservation action using Bally's "Peak Outlook Foundation" that they created in 2020, to honour the brand as the main identity of inspiration for their collections. Bally has allocated large portions of its available funding to help in conservation efforts and as a company it attempts to maintain the lowest possible carbon footprint in order to help the environment.