This range of Molly Bracken shirt dresses is created by Catherine Sidonio, the French fashion designer renowned for over 20 years in the fashion industry. Inspired by 1920s sepia pictures of Julian Sidonio's grandmother, the Molly Bracken collection combines femininity with retro and rock styling. The latest Molly Bracken shirt dresses are available in a range of styles, sizes and colours, so you are sure to find something that reflects your personality. Taking inspiration from 1920s fashion, the Molly Bracken collection contains dresses with popular features from clothing of the era including petticoats and hemlines above the knee. Conforming to the "flapper" look, these dresses allow the focus to drift from the bust line to bold collars or lace detailing on the body of the dress.

Molly Bracken shirt dresses - feminine, bold and retro

Molly Bracken shirt dresses are designed to help you stand out from the crowd and enhance your femininity with subtle romantic touches added to fashionable shirt dresses. Made from comfortable fabrics including polyester cotton, lace and tulle, these dresses are easy to wear and the simple retro designs make them the perfect choice for a range of occasions. These dresses are perfect for layering in Winter, or dressing down in the Spring. Easy to accessorise and layer up, these dresses are essential for fashion-conscious women everywhere. Whether you want to relax in the sun or plan to attend a formal function, there's a Molly Bracken shirt dress that fits the occasion. Reflect your individual personality by choosing one of the Molly Bracken shirt dresses available in the Zalando online shop.

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