With a heritage stretching back to the late 1800's, Schiesser Revival creates undergarments with a true sense of its early history, on the principle that what worked then can still work now. Merging the traditional and the contemporary, Schiesser Revival is simple yet functional.

Faithful to natural aesthetics for design simplicity - Schiesser Revival

With a key focus that garments closest to the skin should be of the highest quality, Schiesser Revival uses the finest quality cottons with attention to detail in construction, to ensure they don't disappoint in the comfort stakes. Pair men's boxer shorts or ladies knickers from Schiesser Revival with super soft fleecey tracksuit bottoms and brushed cotton tees for the ultimate in cosy loungewear for your weekend downtime.

Heritage and tradition meet modern day needs with Schiesser Revival

Ideal in colder months for layering up, we love vests and long johns from Schiesser Revival to ensure we're toasty from head to toe. Finish with a quality pair of cotton socks for unbeatable insulation. The smooth fabrications in neutral shades from Schiesser Revival are discreet under clothes, or you can turn your underlayers into a hipster-esque feature of your look, with thermal long sleeve tops layered under shorter sleeve t-shirts, or button front vests peeking through the top of an unbuttoned check shirt.

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