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Scheisser is a German underwear brand that's been making intimates and loungewear for men, women and children for more than 135 years. Cut, comfort and creativity are the building blocks of this brand, and our collection showcases this.

Scheisser: it’s what’s underneath that counts

What we wear beneath our clothes is often a closely guarded secret, but it doesn’t have to be with Scheisser. With its years of experience and commitment to creating underwear that's a perfect fit, this brand's focus is on top-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Scheisser prides itself on being the go-to choice for young and old, but it also knows that its customers have very exacting standards. The label uses this to drive innovation and creativity within its design team, and to constantly come up with new fabric technologies and styles that its wearers will love.

Style is more than skin deep with Scheisser

From pants to shapewear to pyjamas and loungewear, the Scheisser range has everything you need to be comfortable and confident. It sticks to a mainly monochrome colour palette, making the pieces perfect for layering under button-down or linen shirts on work or formal occasions. The briefs in this collection are made from figure-hugging fabric and are cut precisely to fit the body, so they’ll slip on seamlessly underneath smart trousers or straight-leg jeans. The robes and pyjamas are ideal for cuddling up in at home (and the super soft material means you’ll never want to get properly dressed again). Pair yours with some comfy slippers for a night in, or throw one of the robes over some silk pyjamas for a luxurious bedtime experience.

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