Scientifically backed brand Skins creates base layers with compression technology to enhance your game. Make a saving - and boost your personal best in the process - by investing in the Skins sale.

Innovative activewear from the Skins sale

The designs in the sale by Skins may be sleek and eye-catching, but the real beauty comes down to the pioneering tech behind them. The brand took five years before finally releasing its first pair of leggings on the market. These base layers, featuring compression tech that improves circulation, promise functions such as improved endurance and body temperature control. They also minimise exercise-induced muscle damage and increase recovery time. Magic - especially at the prices in the Skins outlet. They're also great for getting that serious-athlete look, whether you're at the gym in some high-tech sneakers or just trying out the athleisure trend in your plimsolls.

Fashion credentials with the Skins sale

A favourite of pro athletes for their power, speed, stamina and recovery properties, pieces from the sale by Skins really are a bargain. And they're also on trend. The form-fitting designs in the range are mainly crafted in a monochrome palette, with pops of colour throughout to brighten the aesthetic. Choose a pair of dark Skins shorts to accompany you on a jog through the park - the versatile shade is ideal for clashing with a neon performance T-shirt and multicoloured trainers.

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