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Get high-quality clothes at lower prices in our Patagonia sale section

Patagonia was founded in 1979 by passionate rock climber Yvon Chouinard. Their earlier line of products focused mostly on providing mountain climbing gear but from those humble beginnings they've expanded to become one of the world's most trusted outdoor brands. They offer clothing and gear for hikers, surfers, runners, campers and much more. On Zalando, you can find fantastic outdoor gear at lower prices in our Patagonia sale section.

With a focus on comfort and function, the whole family can benefit from adding Patagonia pieces to their wardrobe. If you've got growing kids and you want to get them quality clothes at a lower price, you're in luck. You can find items for all ages and genders in the Patagonia sale section.

Patagonia is trusted by some of the world's best outdoor athletes including accomplished trail runners, trendsetting skiers and World Championship surfers. These ambassadors don't just approve of Patagonia's gear, they're often involved in providing feedback and shaping where the brand goes next. So you can have confidence that Patagonia's clothes are built with athletic movement in mind.

Prepare for the great outdoors with Patagonia's clothing sale

If you love the outdoors, there's every chance you love it rain, wind or shine. Plus, if you're going camping, you can't guarantee dry, sunny days. Patagonia's clothing sale section has plenty of clothes and gear with weather-resistant features including jackets and trousers. Clothes with Patagonia's H₂No® waterproof coating provide excellent protection in harsh weather conditions.

For summer sale items, we think you'll love Patagonia's selection of tees, singlets and shorts. They utilise lightweight, breathable fabrics and loose designs so you can accomplish the day's goals in comfort and style. Whether that's hiking your way to a stunning lookout point or getting a grocery trip done under a blazing midsummer sun.

Feel comfortable and confident while climbing with Patagonia's stretchy and durable climbing clothes. Their hemp and polyester blend is breathable and helps keep you cool on sunny climbing days. Some of their climbing pants are designed so that you can still move freely while wearing a climbing harness. Plus, harness-compatible front pockets make it easy to stash essentials while you climb.

Enjoy cosy comfort and unique styles

After a long week, whether it was spent exploring outdoors or crushing your goals at school or work, you deserve the opportunity to relax. Loungewear made with a touch of spandex offers plenty of stretch and a cotton blend makes these items soft and super comfortable. Adjustable drawcords and stretchy rib-knit cuffs are the finishing touches that add the flexibility you need to relax on a lazy Sunday.

From loungewear to activewear, outdoor gear to indoor clothes, Patagonia gives you the opportunity to choose your style. Patagonia's clothes often give you the option to keep things understated and casual or bright and bold. Their main eye-catching, mountainous, logo adorns most of their clothing items while others have unique logos of their own.

All of Patagonia's gear is designed with comfort in mind. Enjoy easy-to-wear loose fits, quality materials and considered designs. Whether you're looking for specialised gear or everyday clothes, Patagonia's selection of practical clothing has everything you need.