If you're looking to freshen up your workout gear, we have some great markdowns in our Gore Bike Wear sale. Push your performance to the next level with these streamlined, sporty styles.

Get kitted out with the Gore Bike Wear sale

Whether you're a keen cyclist or have just started out, with our great selection of Gore Bike Wear markdowns you've no excuse to avoid lacing up your trainers and getting on your bike. This brand is the brainchild of Gore, a company you might've thought you didn't know - until you realise that it created the innovative Gore-Tex fabric that's widely used in outerwear. It's little surprise, then, that these products are hard-wearing and protective, but they feel lightweight against the skin too, so they won't weigh you down when you're out and about.

Prepare for all conditions with styles from the Gore Bike Wear sale

When you're cycling in the evening - or even at four in the afternoon during a British winter - it's essential that you're easy to spot on the road. Look out for Gore Bike Wear markdowns on pieces that'll ensure you stand out. Some of the brand's T-shirts come in high-vis shades for maximum visibility in the dark, while others feature scattered bands of reflective fabric, or small high-vis fastenings, for a more understated look. When it's cold outside, update your cycling gear with a pair of close-fitting and lightweight tights, and add a windbreaker over your base layers to protect yourself from light showers. If the sun's made an appearance, go all-out with colourful pieces from the Gore Bike Wear sale, like some great value printed tank tops and shorts.

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