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This brand claims to create clothes you could have lifted from your bestie's wardrobe. With bargains from the even&odd sale, you can easily afford to stock up on your own pieces.

Versatile hues in the even&odd sale

The palette in the sale by even&odd consists of darks and neutrals jazzed up by an exuberant mix of primary tones and pastels. This makes it perfect for creating a capsule closet for less cash (and without the need to steal your friend's go-tos).Utilitarian fabrics like denim sit next to velvety materials in the edit for that boho texture clash. Layer a pared-down camisole in an unassuming light hue with a high-gloss skirt to nail the look. A pair of tropical-print chunky heels from the collection will complete the mix-and-match aesthetic. Add even more of an offbeat vibe by swapping a plain tee for one with a striking graphic.

Bags of style with the even&odd sale

The sale by even&odd is brimming with on trend bags, from sequinned cross-bodies to prim-and-proper totes.Make an eye-catching pastel design the centre of your outfit and go for a girlie aesthetic with the rest; we're thinking an outrageously ruffled prom dress in dusty pink and costume jewellery. Change up the sugary-sweet look -and let the label live up to its name -by pairing with some bargainous sultry knee-high boots from the even&odd outlet.

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