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This Italian-based brand has been designing active wear inspired by a dance lifestyle since 1983. Find low-price functional pieces that give you the freedom to express yourself in the Dimensione Danza sale.

Dimensione Danza sale: streetwear-inspired dancewear

There's a harmony of passions coming together in this collection - from its roots in dancewear to its contemporary urban style. These two elements have been brought together to create clothing which is elegant and practical. Take its trousers, made from stretch materials and luxuriously soft fabrics - they act as a second skin while you're busy jumping, twirling and bending. With cuffed ankles and elasticated waistbands, the tracksuits in the sale from Dimensione Danza allow you to move to the beat of your own busy lifestyle. The dark shades and floor lengths in the range elongate your silhouette for an effortless femininity. Wear over sporty girl boxers for added support.

Dimensione Danza sale: refresh your active-wear wardrobe

Perfect for the studio or gym, the active-wear tops in the Dimensione Danza outlet are enhanced by simple designs with a feminine touch. From shoulder-baring ensembles to long-sleeved tracksuit tops, pieces in the sale from Dimensione Danza are technically designed for comfort and wearability. Their breathable fits give you fluidity of movement when you dance or train. Get inspired to try something new and pair sporty black garments from this collection with a sleek smartwatch. A monochrome sports shoe is great for taking this active wear to the streets. Having an energetic schedule suddenly doesn't seem quite so daunting.

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