Women's Rucksacks 

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From the tiny Canadian town of Herschel, a leading brand emerged as a major supplier of quality rucksacks and travel bags. Herschel is now an international name that is renowned for the quality of its products. Characterised by their incredible durability and fine details, Herschel women's rucksacks are strong and reliable by nature, making them ideal everyday travel companions for the road ahead.

Make your own path with Herschel

In this diverse collection of Herschel women's rucksacks you can choose a look that inspires and lifts the spirit. From contemporary floral patterns to classic dusty monochrome designs, you'll find plenty of attractive options to suit your style. For the avid traveller, choose a rucksack in a subtle earthy tone, complete with durable straps, and pair it with a waterproof jacket and a rugged pair of walking shoes for a practical and reliable travel combination.

Never leave home without Herschel women's rucksacks

The versatile nature of Herschel women's rucksacks means that they are easily adapted to everyday life, no matter what your lifestyle. A pretty floral rucksack is ideal for warm summer days or autumnal afternoons in the park. There is plenty of room to store all your essentials inside your Herschel rucksack, which is particularly convenient when you are in a hurry. For a fully coordinated casual outfit simply match your rucksack design with your favourite pair of trainers or plimsolls, an ideal outfit for a busy weekend.

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