Richter takes children's feet seriously whether they're new walkers or fast growing pre-teens. Our edit combines the best care for your kids' feet with designs they'll want to wear.

Richter shoes - fashion, function, fun

Ferdinand Richter started his company in 1947, since then his shoes have conquered the world of kids' footwear design. Still headquartered in Austria, Richter brings the "three Fs" to its design process. Function means meeting the high standards demanded by parents, fashion means designing in the latest trends while fun means shoes that children can have adventures in. Richter crawlers and first walkers cosset babies' feet from the moment they first find them. Ultra-soft leather uppers give them the flexibility to grip the ground while rounded toes leave ample room for growth. Their cute colours and embellishments look totally adorable with baby dungarees.

A twinkling collection from Richter

Richter kids' boots cover every occasion from school runs to playground fun and party dressing. Sturdy ankle boots with neutral shades and adjustable buckles fit right in with school uniforms while high-top boots have sturdy treads that give good grip on icy surfaces. Lace-up ankle designs carry a subtle sheen in the latest autumn shades, the perfect footwear for every fashionista with tights and Christmas party dresses. Trainers are given the Richter touch with sparkling stars and twinkling diodes that flash when kids walk. A fashion touch that delivers extra traffic safety. If your kids like a more subtle approach to footwear then Richter trainers in dark neutrals blend seamlessly with their jeans and winter jumpers.

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