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Embrace the elements: unveiling the world of Rains on Zalando

Rains, the Danish brand synonymous with minimalist and functional rainwear, has taken the fashion world by storm. Founded in 2012, they quickly gained recognition for their innovative approach to wet-weather gear, seamlessly merging practicality with sleek, contemporary design.

Stepping into the Rains catalogue on Zalando feels like entering a haven of wet-weather preparedness. Explore their diverse range of jackets, from the iconic puffer, perfect for colder days, to the lightweight poncho, ideal for sudden showers. Discover their waterproof pants and skirts, ensuring your entire outfit stays dry. Whether you're commuting to work, exploring the city on foot or bike, or venturing outdoors for an adventure, Rains has the perfect piece to keep you dry and looking your best in any weather.

Born in the rain, made for the world - the Rains catalogue

Rains draws inspiration directly from its Danish heritage, where rainy days are a frequent occurrence. Their philosophy stems from this first-hand understanding, prioritising functionality and comfort in every design. They utilise high-performance, waterproof fabrics like recycled polyester and innovative construction techniques like taped seams to create garments that truly shield you from the elements.

The Rains catalogue doesn't compromise on style, however. Their minimalist aesthetic, characterised by clean lines and muted colours, ensures their pieces are as fashionable as they are functional. This dedication to both practicality and style has earned them a loyal following amongst individuals who value quality, performance, and understated design.

Rains: A guide to city chic in the face of downpours

Embrace rainy days as an opportunity to express your urban edge with Rains. Layer a sleek puffer jacket over a minimalist turtleneck for a contemporary take on cosy comfort. For a touch of sophistication, cinch a trench coat around your waist and pair it with tailored trousers for effortless city vibes. Don't shy away from bold colours – a vibrant raincoat adds a pop of personality to a gloomy day.

Explore the freedom of movement with Rains' flexible silhouettes, perfect for navigating bustling avenues or hidden alleyways. Whether you're conquering coffee runs or exploring hidden gems, Rains equips you to face the elements with style, transforming the city into your personal runway, rain or shine.

Sustainable style: protecting the planet, one raincoat at a time

Rains isn't just about stylish and functional rainwear; it's about embracing a future where fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand. They're committed to walking the walk, using recycled materials, PFC-free repellents, and responsible practices to minimise their environmental impact.

Every Rains piece you choose is a conscious choice, not just for your comfort and style, but for the planet. Imagine, instead of fast fashion trends that fade, you invest in a timeless Rains raincoat crafted with care for the environment. It becomes more than just clothing; it becomes a statement, a symbol of your commitment to a sustainable future.