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DOUBLE FLAMINGO DROP - Earrings - multicolor SERENDIPITY HOOP - Earrings - gold-coloured Earrings - granate POM PON - Hair Styling Accessory - turquoise SNAKE - Ring - gold-coloured SPHERE - Necklace - gold-coloured MERCURE BALL PONY - Hair Styling Accessory - gold-coloured PIZZA - Necklace - gold SCALLOP TRACKER - Bracelet - rose gold-coloured ZEBRACORN - Necklace - gold-coloured CHRISSY - Ring - gold-coloured HELIX - Ring - gold-coloured Necklace - gold-coloured HOOK - Ring - gold-coloured WINDROSE - Ring - gold-coloured VENERE - Bracelet - onyx Bracelet - silver IRIS - Necklace - rose gold-coloured WINDROSE - Ring - silver-coloured JIMCO - Necklace - blu notte COLLANA - Necklace - cold-colored Bracelet - gold-coloured Earrings - green AMARA - Ring - gold-coloured PINS DADA - Earrings - gold-coloured BERLIN - Ring - silver-coloured FRIES - Necklace - gold TWIN - Ring - silver DISRUPTED - Necklace - gold-coloured PINS DADA - Necklace - gold-coloured Earrings - black TWIN - Ring - gold-coloured CELESTE VELVET - Hair Styling Accessory - olive FINE GUN PENDANT - Necklace - gold-coloured Earrings - black CLUSTER - Necklace - green agate IRIS - Necklace - silver Necklace - silver TUSK - Necklace - silver-coloured BROKEN GEM - Ring - gold-coloured ALTI - Necklace - navy blue LEMON LEAF - Hair Styling Accessory - rose gold-coloured MONO CIRCLE - Earrings - gold-coloured MATISSE GLOSSY - Hair Styling Accessory - gold-coloured DADA - Bracelet - gold-coloured STRUCTURED TIGER - Ring - gold-coloured BOYO - Necklace - rose VEE GLOSSY BARRETTE - Hair Styling Accessory - gold-coloured A-SYMETRIC HEART SKULL AND PEACE - Earrings - multicolor Necklace - silver NECKLACE PLAQUETTE GIRLPOWER - Necklace - gold-coloured FERMINIA - Necklace - ruby LUER - Earrings - gold-coloured CELESTE HEADBAND - Hair Styling Accessory - gold-coloured HIMALAYA - Bracelet - nude Earrings - black NORMA - Necklace - gold-coloured POPCORN - Necklace - gold BASSA CUFF - Bracelet - gold-coloured HELIX TWIRL - Earrings - rose gold-coloured

From fancy jewels to dazzling costume designs, women's designer jewellery will add a little charisma to your wardrobe. We've got statement necklaces, charm bracelets, cocktail rings and more; take them from the catwalk and straight into your jewellery box.

Statement women's designer jewellery

Our designer jewels are ideal if you want to show off your personality, with striking pieces that pack some pizazz into any outfit. Reinvent some of your wardrobe staples with a statement necklace, wear them with occasion wear classics such as little black dresses and maxi dresses, or style them with your casuals. Give some glamour to relaxed outfits such as a sweatshirt and jeans with a chandelier necklace, or give a workwear blouse a talking point with a precious stone collar. Go big or go home is the catwalk's latest stance on earrings, so channel the trend with a pair of overstated gems or look to bedazzled hoops for a little streetwear slant.

Minimalist women's designer jewellery

If you're with the less is more crowd when it comes to jewellery, look to the refined and subtle pieces in our women's designer jewellery collection. Juxtapose a boxy boyfriend tee with a delicate charm necklace, or pick a pendant to punctuate a plunge neck going out top. Go minimalist with delicate bracelets and stacking rings - pick a few understated pieces and pile them up for a contemporary feel. Choose plain designs to keep things really modern, or look to bejewelled creations to add a subtle touch of glamour.

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